Flooring in Altavista

Renovating, moving, upgrading or building a new home from the ground up in Altavista means finding a flooring company who can deliver the best price on:

  • Exceptional Value
  • Quality Products
  • Refined Craftsmanship

Tim Reynolds Construction Co are Altavista’s leading residential tile flooring contractors. Our team has a large crew of dependable and highly certified workers who know how to get the job done right the first time. Give us a call to find out about our range of tile options.

Tim Reynolds Construction Co’s Elegant and Budget-Friendly Tile Flooring

It’s no secret that properly chosen and properly installed tile flooring is an incredible way to welcome friends and family into your loving home. The team at Tim Reynolds Construction Co will help you select the best tiles for the unique taste and style of your residence. We will sit with you and ask you questions related to your budget, the space or room that requires new flooring and any other specific requirements you have for your home renovation project.

Questions like these will help us find the right tile flooring choices for you and your home so when our work is done, you are 100% satisfied! Some of the many tile flooring options we offer include:

  • Ceramic
  • Vinyl
  • Slate
  • Wood
  • Marble
  • Stone

Call us today to explore your options.

Vinyl Resilient Flooring is an Affordable Option in Altavista

As you can see, we offer many options for tile flooring that don’t involve the usual stone or clay. One affordable and stylish option is vinyl. Vinyl is best suited for common areas that get lots of foot traffic. They have the warmth of wood but are also extremely resistant to damage. Choose vinyl tiles for a clean and sophisticated look that won’t break your bank!

Ceramic Tile for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Did you know that the right tile for your kitchen might not be the right choice for your bathroom? Ceramic tile is perfect for a kitchen floor because it is durable and doesn’t scratch as easily as other tile options such as porcelain—which can even break if a heavy item drops from your hands by accident. However, ceramic tiles also absorb more water than porcelain tile, so porcelain might be the best fit for your bathroom. With Tim Reynolds Construction Co you will be in good hands, because we know the limits and strengths of every tile option.

Call Tim Reynolds Construction Co, The Local Leaders in Tile Flooring

In our years as a local respected business, we have helped the homeowners of Altavista find the perfect-suited flooring solutions for their homes. No matter what your time-frame, your budget or your taste, we are confident that we are the flexible, dependable and trustworthy team to make your flooring dreams come to life.

Call us today! We will schedule a free consultation and tell you more about our rates, tile flooring options and listen to you to understand the nature of your needs. Our many years of experience and track record of providing customer satisfaction ensure that we always go the extra mile.